Terms & Conditions

Application of Terms

These Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”) govern the provision of link-building services (“Services”) by Spudo ApS (“Spudolinks”), business number 40156518, located Ladegardsgade 4, 1 sal, 9000 Aalborg, Denmark, to its client (“Advertiser”). These Terms apply to all orders and deliveries unless otherwise agreed in writing. Any changes proposed by the Client have no legal effect unless expressly accepted in writing by Spudolinks. The acceptance of Services implies agreement to these Terms.

2. Information on Services

All information (websites or/& link catalogues) provided by Spudolinks, regardless of the medium, is informative and becomes binding only if expressly referred to in an offer or acceptance in the platform. Specific Advertiser requirements are binding only if accepted in writing by Spudolinks.

3. Project Offers

Written offers expire after 14 working days unless otherwise stated. The Advertiser offer becomes legally binding only upon Spudolinks’ written acceptance. Offers are non-transferable to third parties without written consent.

4. Platform Pricing and Payment Terms

The Spudolink link platform trades in EUR.

Spudolinks reserves the right to adjust prices for non-delivered Services, increases in subcontractors’ prices, VAT requirements, or other various factors where Spudolinks do not control the price.

The platform will generate & send an invoice each month, based on the completed orders for the Advertiser. Invoice Payment must be received within 15 days, unless otherwise agreed in writing by Spudolinks. In special cases, changing the terms of payment to prepayment and/or withholding deliveries can be established. In the situation that Advertiser will not be able to pay within the written notice, Spudolinks reserves the right to send the case to a debt collection company.

5. Subcontractors

The platform represent third-party subcontractors, representing companies (“Publishers”) responsible for delivering services to Spudolinks’ Advertisers.

Publishers are obligated to maintain their domain portfolio with up-to-date information. They have the flexibility to adjust pricing, word count, categories, and estimated publish time, which will be presented in the Marketplace. Spudolinks reserves the right to hold Publishers accountable for the accuracy of information entered into the platform.

Publishers acknowledge their responsibility to promptly publish articles within the specified “Estimated Publish Time” and, at a minimum, adhere to this timeframe. Failure to meet the publish time may empower Spudolinks to cancel the order at any time. Full payment for their service is contingent upon the submission of a Publish Link to Spudolinks.

Payments are facilitated through the platform’s automated system, activated upon the Publisher’s submission and approval of the Publish Link (link to the article) by Spudolinks. A Payment note, reflecting platform prices, is generated and paid in full. Publishers should have full payment within 5 business days after this notice.

6. Delivery

The platform provides an Estimated Publish Time, indicating, but not limited to, the expected speed at which an article can be published on the Publishers’ websites. The Advertiser acknowledges that this estimated publish time is only an indication and may be extended due to circumstances beyond Spudolinks’ control. The Advertiser is not entitled to terminate the agreement or claim compensation for such delays.

7. Order Changes and Cancellations

Written notice of changes must be sent to info@spudolinks.com within 15 days of order completion.

The Advertiser, utilizing Spudolinks’ content service, is obligated to provide Content Details for the written article within 7 days. Failure to submit these details may result in the cancellation of the order by Spudolinks. Already approved content may result in additional costs and losses for Spudolinks, particularly in terms of project management and content re-writing. Spudolinks retains the right to charge these direct costs to the Advertiser in this case.

The Publisher has the option to cancel an order or article for their website at any time. In such instances, the Publisher is required to furnish Spudolinks with written notice. If the issue can be resolved through changes, Spudolinks will extend full support to address the matter.

8. Compensation

The Users of the platform agree to hold the Company and its affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents, and publishers harmless from and against any liabilities, losses, damages, or costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, incurred in connection with or arising from any third-party allegations, claims, actions, disputes, or demands asserted against any of them as a result of or relating to the Company’s use of the information provided by the Customer for the service delivery or any willful misconduct on the Customer’s part. This includes any allegations, claims, actions, disputes for infringement of any marketing practices legislation.

9. Limitation of Liability

The Advertiser is expressly prohibited from disclosing the platform-list to any websites or third parties at any time. Any breach of this prohibition will lead to a permanent ban for the customer. Additionally, the Advertiser may be held accountable for compensating the Company for directly proven lost revenue resulting from such actions.

Spudolinks’ liability, if incurred, is limited to the value of the order. However, Spudolinks shall not be held responsible for any indirect losses, including but not limited to operational loss, loss of time, positions in search engines, or any other losses associated with the provided service.

All parties are responsible for compensating damages in accordance with Danish law for any losses that the other party may incur.

10. Force Majeure

Spudolinks is exempt from liability if circumstances beyond its control prevent fulfilling obligations. Either party may cancel the unfulfilled part of the agreement after 3 months of such circumstances.

11. Legal Compliance

Advertisers are responsible for ensuring the legal compliance of the requested Services and their website can be used legally. Spudolinks can at any time cancel the agreement if the Advertisers request becomes illegal or violates third-party rights, without compensation.^

12. Dispute Resolution

Disputes should be resolved amicably. If unresolved, Danish law governs the agreement, and disputes are settled by the District Court of Aalborg, Denmark.

13. Personal Data Processing

The User is responsible for ensuring that the provided information is accurate at the time of registration. During registration, the User must only provide their own company information. When registering, the User must provide a username and a password (hereinafter “Login Information”). The User must keep the Login Information in a secure place to prevent unauthorized access by others. The User is responsible for all use of their user account. If the User suspects any illegal use of their Login Information, the User must immediately notify Spudolinks.

Spudolinks processes and stores personal data for fulfilling obligations. For details, refer to Spudolinks’s data protection policy.